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Entry #4

London Meetup

2010-08-07 17:54:03 by Toxicsnafu

Today was my first NG meetup, there wasn't too much awkwardness and everyone I met was really nice, had a nice chat with some fellow artists Edache and his significant other, funkycaveman and some other people, also one of my favorite artists Oney and Seankiely, all really swell dudes and dudettes, forgive me if I've forgotten names but no doubt we'll meet up again next year.

It was great to meet like-minded individuals and thanks to Luis for putting this together, looking forward to the next one!!.


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2010-08-07 18:33:16

I had a nice conversation with you about our activities on this site as well as how I do with icon modding. I was Andy and I really enjoyed talking to you today. My only regret was not recalling your username until now.


2010-08-11 11:28:14

I'm jealous, I want to go to one, I live in the states but I'm tempted to go in two years. Hopefully I'll gain more popularity on the BBS by that time.