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London Meetup

2010-08-07 17:54:03 by Toxicsnafu

Today was my first NG meetup, there wasn't too much awkwardness and everyone I met was really nice, had a nice chat with some fellow artists Edache and his significant other, funkycaveman and some other people, also one of my favorite artists Oney and Seankiely, all really swell dudes and dudettes, forgive me if I've forgotten names but no doubt we'll meet up again next year.

It was great to meet like-minded individuals and thanks to Luis for putting this together, looking forward to the next one!!.


2010-08-01 12:26:30 by Toxicsnafu

I'm finishing up a bonus scene for the parkour collab, over a month behind deadline cuz things have been crazy, be on the lookout!!!


2010-04-21 02:54:45 by Toxicsnafu

I'm currently working with SteakandKidneyPie on a 3.5 minute Parkour animation.

There will be some surprise characters in there, it's hush hush for now but I'm very excited about it ^_^.

Should be in by the end of May.

Getting started

2010-04-10 05:27:13 by Toxicsnafu

Alright y'all,

I've been talking for years about getting started in Flash, I finally got CS4 Creative Suite a few weeks back and I'm crackin on this animation stuff, so much to learn, so little time, once I understand the principles of animation I'm gonna fuck some shit up on Newgrounds.

I have several projects I'm working on now, it's still early days but I should have something released by the summer.